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Brianna Knight has a lot going on, and invites you to join them on their musical journey. With a selection of highlights and updates pertaining to their latest collaborations, developments and music projects, this music professional is proud to share their work and creative accomplishments.

Recording Studio


Read the international review of So Deep and how listeners can fall deeply in love with Brianna's R&B sound.

Blue Colored Smoke in Alley


Read MusicGroup's Review of the R&B Boom Bap love-based single So Deep, and its impact on the way we view black love

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Brianna Knight's love runs "So Deep"

Read Earmilk's review of So Deep, highlighting the Boom Bap R&B infused single.

Blue Colored Smoke in Alley

Brianna Knight Opens Up about So Deep

Find out why Brianna Knight wrote So Deep and how she hopes to inspire other black women about finding healthy relationships within her music.

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Brianna Knight on DJ Marq Radio Show

Listen to So Deep being featured on the radio and a live review of the R&B single.

In The Studio

Finessed Media Artist, Poet & Songtress

Find out the creative process behind writing So Deep and Brianna's journey into becoming a confident singer/songwriter. The interview covers her humble beginnings as an R&B singer being influenced by church and elaborates on what inspired her to truly commit to being a singer.

Hip Hop Crew

So Deep in VIBE's Top 20 R&B Songs of 2021

Brianna Knight's single So Deep ranked #16 for VIBES Top 20 R&B songs of the year. The article also highlights, H.E.R., Jazmine Sullivan, Brent Faiyaz and more, showcasing her as 2021's rising star.


Brianna Knight Features on Pass The Aux Podcast Episode 36

Pass the Aux takes a deep dive into the creative process behind writing/recording So Deep and directing the visual. The podcast also hears Brianna's insight on the importance of artists using a majority of their budget for marketing, creating something out of nothing and Brianna's college experience giving her even more confidence to expand upon her gifts.

Recording Studio

Changed for the Better Interview

Hear Stacey Tirro interview Brianna Knight about her journey from small town musical star to emerging "Bad Decisions" artist.

Blue Colored Smoke in Alley

Earmilk reviews Bad Decisions by Brianna Knight

Read Earmilk's review of Bad Decisions by Brianna Knight highlighting the "ethereal" vocals and poetic storytelling behind the track


DSP's Seal of Approval

In this installment, DSP reviews BRIANNA KNIGHT's latest single BAD DECISIONS which is available on all digital streaming platforms right now. Tap in to hear what the hype is about.

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Hip Hop Crew

Brianna Knight’s Grown & Sexy Era

Released in April 2022, Brianna Knight’s new single Bad Decisions is an ambiguous tale that leaves the interpretation open for listeners. Since the release of her hit single So Deep, she has grown exponentially as an artist. In this interview, Brianna delves into her development as an artist over the past two years and what supporters can expect next. 


Recording Studio

Brianna Knight Performs at Women Songwriter's Hall of Fame

Women Songwriters Hall of Fame Celebrates New Annual Award Show & Winter Songwriting Mixer to Recognize Excellence in Songwriting. Hear about the honoring of Miss Dee Dee Sharp & Cynthia Biggs as well as Brianna Knight's performance.


Hip Hop Concert

Brianna Knight Wins SeeHer Contest

Who runs the world - still - in 2022? Of course women and it’s only right we take a moment to acknowledge Breakr and SeeHer’s partnership come to fruition with their Accelerator Program to life - focusing on helping guide the lives and careers of three deserving women with a #HerBigBreakContest.

Hip Hop Crew

Brianna Knight has Funky Retro Song Yes We Can Can

Not too long ago, she released a funky retro R&B tune, entitled, “Yes We Can Can,” a modern version of the famous song from The Pointer Sisters. The song was released via FOTY (From Old To Young) Records, a label that remakes classic hits with a new generation of emerging artists.


Blue Colored Smoke in Alley

Yes We Can

Her recent appearances at the famed Apollo Theatre brought her into contact with FOTY (From Old To Young) Records who specialize in remaking classic hits for a new generation with emerging artists


Big Concert

Brianna Knight Falls in Deep with Bad Decisions

The last time we heard from Brianna Knight she was waxing poetic about finding true love in the heartfelt ode "So Deep," however in her new single, "Bad Decisions" she dives into a more complicated scenario, or should we say situationship with an unknown individual. 


Brianna Knight

Seguimos con una autentica artista potente del R&B y Soul. Con una voz dulce, cálida e íntima, se nutre del storytelling y el jazz para traer un feeling único a su música. Se trata de Brianna Knight quien nos presenta su más reciente single, "Bad Decisions".



Brianna Knight at Berlin Under A

Enjoy pictures of Brianna Knight's Breaking Sounds performance


Brianna Knight Premieres ‘Link Up’ To Combat Long Distance Relationship

Her most recent hit, “Link Up” is about a person who is unhappy in a long-distance relationship and wants something else. Because of COVID, Brianna and her boyfriend had to give a lot of careful consideration before deciding whether or not they would move in together.

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